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Come Play with Us

At AFC Shortlands, we’re all about fun and competitive sports. Our experienced coaches train our team to reach their highest potential, and to always have a great time whenever we play. We’ve been around since 2018 and are not planning on going anywhere. See how you can become part of our family and join us at cool events.

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AFC Shortlands committee

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Jonathan Price


As a local resident and father of two AFC Shortlands members, I’ve had the great pleasure of being part of the club since its inception. I don’t share the (quite extensive) sports or coaching experience as other members of our fantastic management team, but I do have some experience in establishing and developing small organisations, which I hope is of some value to the club!
Whilst the Chairperson’s role does include some formal functions, to help ensure we satisfy our League and FA commitments, most of my time is spent supporting the team, parents and volunteers. I also help manage kit & equipment and often enjoy the glamorous roles of pitch marking and setting up goals… usually in the rain!
Seeing the club receive special recognition and awards for ‘fair play’ in our inaugural season has been a particular highlight for me and is a reflection of not just those boys and girls representing us on the pitch, but everyone involved. Growth of the club has been exceptional and helping AFC Shortlands develop into such vibrant and positive community-based group has been great.
I’m sure I represent all involved in saying how much we’re looking forward to the ongoing success of the club and our members

AFC Shortlands
Club Philosophy & Player Development

We’ve Got Team Spirit

The following text has been put together by our club founder to emphasise how and why AFC Shortlands adopt the polices we do, in terms of player development and the philosophy behind our programmes:

1) Club Philosophy

Primarily the club wants to develop good people as well as good footballers.

Politeness and etiquette. Players are told/encouraged to shake all present coaches hand as a welcome both before and after each training session and each match.

They are encouraged to treat each other with respect and good will/manners.

Teamwork is a huge factor for the payers as they get slightly older and start to understand the game - AFC Shortlands installs this in all players from the start.

Competitiveness & success through winning. Everyone wants to win! How we do it is the most important aspect. Win with humility and Lose with dignity is the mantra!

Football for all. Not a contradiction of the above, a willingness to allow everyone the chance to play. The pilot for this is the U8 ladder system. We have Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. It’s not easy, and not everyone can be kept happy all of the time, but it is hugely important to me as an individual that we DO NOT become elitist as a club.

2) Player Development

At the younger age groups in particular, individual player development comes before the development of the team. This comprises of the following key elements within the taught sessions for all members;

Ball Mastery - Skills circuits to include, dribbling, changing direction, well known technical skills such as ‘Ronaldo Chop’, Drag back V’, Cruyff Turn, Maradona(Zidane/360)

One v One Dominance - AFC S players are exposed to 1v1 attacking and defending situations on a regular basis as a large part of the coaching syllabus.

2 v 2 and 3 v 3 – to encourage combination play and decision making in the attacking third.

Receiving skills – 1st touch is everything in this game! Players are taught the importance of a good first touch and how it allows them to keep the ball moving and play quickly.

Protecting the ball – 1v1 drills where players are taught about ‘safe side’ and how to use their body to protect the ball

Finishing – Fun games like 3 ball finish are good basic entry point drills for this topic. Both from close range and from distance. This topic will be introduced in the second half of the season.

Pressure Cover Balance out of Possession - a very advanced topic for older age groups or more experienced/developed younger players.

Shape - The importance of maintaining a good defensive shape and how to defend in two channels.

Recovery runs are also an important aspect of this topic. One drill that touches on this is the 1 attacker v 2 defenders where attackers come one at a time from either side of a diamond to try and move the defenders around.

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